Sunday, August 29, 2010

Green Energy Home - Turn Green to Save Money and Earth

By Jerry T Eliszewski
As the issue of global warming is boiling up on world level, the optimistic generation has started finding its own ways to save our planet. A green energy home is one of those alternatives that are being used to fight with global warming. A green energy home doesn't mean that its is made of grass, trees and plants rather the home is energy efficient that utilizes renewable sources of energy mainly from wind and sun. At homes, the tow sources of energy usually used for basic home needs such generating electricity and to get hot water.
With the advancement in technology, now you can easily get solar panels and wind turbines. Once you start using green energy home, you can reduce your electricity bills and carbon print from our earth. Technology of making your own green home is easily available in bits and pieces and you can use these to construct your own devices to create energy. The most commonly used devices to create green energy are windmills and solar panels. Passive solar energy is another good alternate to get hot water and keep your room warm during winters.
You can buy wind turbines, wind mills or solar panels however; you might need to pay hefty amount for them. Therefore, you can pick your tools and start preparing solar panels and windmills yourself so that you can get your green energy home without paying much of your amount. You might be thinking of hiring a professional to make these devices. Of course, you can if your budget allows you to do so. But if you want to save money, there is no need to hire a professional just search for DIY instruction manual on the internet. These manuals will provide you the information on making passive water heaters or other electrical systems right from the scratch.
If you're building a new house with implementation of the concept of green energy home, take advantage in building its footprint and keep the sides of the house towards south as your house will get best conditions for heating as well as cooling. To you're your green energy home full of passive solar energy, you should use heat retentive stones and bricks to make your home and afterward install high efficiency windows.
Your prospective home should have a windmill installed on its potion, roof or any other open area where supply is wind is continuous. The energy you'll get with windmill is very efficient and free from any kind of noise pollution. If your new house is located near a stream or a river you can integrate a hydroelectric generator in your green energy home. The energy will depend upon the flow of river or stream therefore, till the time water is flowing you can be sure of electricity.
You can save our by converting your home into green energy home by utilizing renewable sources of energy. Besides saving our planet you'd also save money on electricity bills as well.
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